All versions of eBoard now use a cookie to keep you logged in for 2 weeks. As long as you login again within 2 weeks on the same device, you shouldn’t have to enter your details again, and the counter will reset to 2 weeks. Also, when you enter your login details for one page, you should be able to visit all other pages without logging in again.

The login details remain the same. If you have any issues with this new system, please contact me.

Mobile Version
This is the new mobile version of eBoard. It should work on most mobile devices, though it is best viewed with an iPhone or iPod Touch. It shows all of the same information as the normal board displayed over 4 screens. The first screen shows the number on-turn, and tide times. The second screen shows 5 arrivals, 5 sailings, and the last 5 jobs. The third and fourth screens show all arrivals and sailings respectively. Navigating between screens is achieved with the links at the top-left and top-right of the pages.

Original eBoard
This is the original eBoard view with the arrivals at the top and the sailings underneath.

This is the same view as you see in the watchroom.

Past Movements
This is a report of the last 20 vessel movements.