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To post, comment, and read private content, you’ll need to be logged in.  You can login, or register for an account using the links in the Staff Login column on the right side of this page.

Until everybody is familiar with the posting system, all posts will need to be approved before they appear on the site.  This is just to make sure nobody accidentally posts anything publicly which should remain private.

When posting, you will have the option to make posts private, which means only members of the company will be able to read them.  This is, however, an option which needs to be specified each time you post.  If you do not specify this, then your post will be seen by anyone who visits the site.

You can also give individual posts a password, but be aware, that they can still be read by administrators.

When commenting on a post, the comment will inherit the settings of the post, so if the post is private, then the comment will be private, and if the post is public, then your comment will be visible to everyone.

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